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About the Play

“MY Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg” is set in the future, around 2030. We see in the opening scene Peter, an elderly man with cancer,making a brief phone call to his teenage grandson David. Grandson David is named after Peter’s brother David who died of AIDS in 1992. Peter is intent on sending his grandson memorabilia and other materials from his brother’s life collected when he wrote and performed a play called “My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg” fifteen or so years earlier. Peter wants his grandson to know all about his namesake before he himself dies. While packing and sorting through materials Peter tells stories about his brother, in particular stories of his brother’s courageous battle against AIDS. The history of HIV/AIDS during the early years of
the epidemic is a key story line througout the play.

Although we hear Peter tell his grandson the play happened in the distant past, in reality the “play” is what we see now on stage. In the course of the play we discover this is more than a story of David’s life and death but a tale of Peter’s journey in the years since David’s death. In the end we learn of David’s final words to Peter and discover the enduring legacy of those words.

About the Playwright Peter Serko

“My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg” debuted in Tacoma, WA in February 2014. Peter has performed all previous productions including a performance in his hometown in New York State at a theater his brother David performed in many times in July 2014. He will be performing in October 2015 as part of the Tacoma Art Museum’s “Art AIDS America” exhibition and later that month at Pacific Lutheran University.

Peter is grateful for this opportunity to see and hear the play performed by another actor.

About the Director
Trained at the American Conservatory Theatre, Michael Barker spent many years in Los Angeles as a professional actor and director in television, film and stage. His one man show as Will Rogers played in a number of LA theatres. Michael now resides on Vashon Island. His favorite professional directorial credits include “The Kentucky Cycle”, “A Thousand Clowns”, “The Good Doctor”, “American Century”, “Three Sisters”, “All in the Timing”. Next spring he will be directing Steven Dietz’s “Becky’s New Car” on Vashon Island after a stint doing improv in Puerto Vallarta. Living in Hollywood during the worst years of the AIDS epidemic Michael said goodbye to far too many wonderful people.